Debbie Young

Hello, I'm Debbie Young

When people ask me, “What do you do?” I say, “Death and Sex.”

But isn’t that a strange combination? Not at all. Whether we’re talking about death, dying, and grief or talking with young people about relationships and sex, it’s important that we can do this openly and confidently.

These conversations are important as they enable people to make informed choices and they improve health and well-being.

I support organisations to have these open and confident conversations by:

  • Delivering training:
  • Facilitating workshops and events:
  • Hosting and facilitating Death Cafes:
  • Providing consultancy and project management services.

Please click below to discover how I can help your organisation approach these subjects with honest, open, and confident conversations.

Death, Dying, End of Life Planning, and Grief

Death, Dying, End of Life Care Planning, and Grief

Relationships and Sex Education
Relationships and Sex Education