Debbie Young

How do you start a conversation about relationships and sexual health with young people?

Film 2 Debbie Anna 2

Young people tell us they want to have open, non-judgmental conversations about relationships and sexual health with adults they can trust. These discussions are important as they support young people to have fulfilling, safe and healthy relationships and enable them to make informed sexual health choices.

But sometimes practitioners that work with young people find these conversations difficult – they might not know how to broach the subject or may feel embarrassed as it’s not something they usually talk about.

I’ve been working with Anna Martinez from the Public Health Team at Haringey Council to create the ‘We’re Open’ Campaign: a series of bite-size films for young people and practitioners. The photo is of us filming the ‘Tips for Practitioner’s on how to start these conversations.’ This film will be made available for practitioners to view in their own time and will be used as part of training programmes.

Keep an eye on my Blog to find out where you can view the films.