Debbie Young

Script writing for Haringey's 'We're Open' Bitesize sexual health films

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Over the last 9 months I’ve been working with Anna Martinez from the Public Health Team at Haringey Council to help create a series of five Bitesize sexual health films for young people and practitioners as part of Haringey’s ‘We’re Open’ Campaign.

My role was to write the scripts for the 5 films and I feature in Film 2 offering tips for talking with young people about relationships and sexual health!

The campaign was developed in response to a local survey where young people said they needed more information about the local free and confidential sexual health services and they wanted to have open, non-judgmental conversations about relationships and sexual health with adults they can trust.

The ‘We’re Open’ Bitesize films are an excellent resource for raising young people’s awareness of the local sexual health services (‘We’re Open; here to help, not to judge’) and upskilling practitioners to have non-judgemental, positive conversations with young people (‘We’re Open to Talking and Open to Listening’).

The 5 films can all be used as part of a training programme for practitioners or as standalone resources that practitioners can view in their own time. Films 3, 4 & 5 can be shared with young people, for example as part of a school’s Relationships & Sex Education (RSE) curriculum or during 1-1 support sessions or group work in youth settings.

Here are the links to the films:

Film 1: Why young people’s sexual health matters in Haringey

Film 2: Having conversations with young people about sexual health and relationships

Film 3: A tour of a young person’s sexual health clinics

Film 4: Visiting a Health Living Pharmacy for sexual health service

Film 5: The C-Card Scheme