Debbie Young

Why attend a Death Cafe

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It’s amazing how a group of strangers can talk so openly about death. But that is exactly what happened on 6th November 2021 when we hosted our second Death Cafe at East of Eden Cafe in Walthamstow.

People often ask us about who attends a Death Cafe and the answer is that people come for all sorts of reasons. It might be that a bereavement or illness makes death and dying more present and they feel a need to explore it further. Or it might be a fear of death or dying. For some people, it is just a desire to be more open or a curiosity about the subject.

Another question we frequently get asked is, do you attend a Death Cafe just once or do you come regularly? Some people get what they need by attending just once while other people benefit from, and enjoy, coming along regularly. The lovely thing about Death Cafe is that the discussion is led by the people in the group. Therefore every Death Cafe, and every small group within that Death Cafe, will be different so no matter how many times you attend, the conversation will always be different.

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