Debbie Young

Death, Dying, End of Life Care Planning, and Grief

Advance Care Planning Workshop

Creating an Advance Care Plan Workshop

Aim of the workshop

This workshop raises awareness of advance care planning and why it is so important and enables participants to record their end of life care wishes in an advance care plan.

This workshop will cover:

  • What is Advance Care Planning?
  • Why do I need an Advance Care Plan?
  • How do I create an Advance Care Plan?
  • How do I share and discuss my plan with my GP and those important to me?

More about Advance Care Planning

An Advance Care Plan or advance statement is a written statement that sets out your wishes, beliefs, values, and preferences about your future care.

It provides a guide to help healthcare professionals and anyone else who might have to make decisions about your care if you become too unwell to make decisions or to communicate them.

Workshop length: 2 hours

Cost: from £275 (please contact to discuss)